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Every job is customized to you, so you don’t have to buy a package just to patch a single crack.

Seal Coating

A parking lot seal coat can extend the life of your asphalt by drastically slowing the rate of deterioration. Plus, we finish with a powerful preservation treatment. This service: 

• Remove all dirt and debris.

• Fill cracks and treat stains.

• Protect asphalt from future damage with a preservation treatment. 

Seal coating for asphalt helps you avoid expensive repair costs down the line. 

Crack Sealing

Small cracks rarely stay that way. If left alone, they morph into potholes faster than you think. Our crack sealing pavement services guard against natural and man-made threats alike. When your pavement is intact, you can:

Coaters’ crack sealing services are designed to be:

• Avoid expensive pavement repair

• Reduce accidents

• Protect asphalt from moisture and daily wear-and-tear

This asphalt parking lot maintenance service is more efficient than pavement repair, but it needs to be done before cracks have the chance to widen.

Power Washing & Steam Cleaning 

Dirt, oil, and debris don’t just look bad to you and your customers. All that build-up can actually damage the asphalt. Protect your investment with power washing and steam cleaning. At Coaters Pavement Services, it’s a 3-step process:

• We assess your lot (e.g., size, damage, etc.)

• We apply a high-pressure water treatment.

• We finish the process with a chemical treatment to improve the appearance of your lot.

This service is customized for your property, which means we may need to adjust the temperature or the pressure of the water to fit your needs. 

Asphalt Repair/Patching

For larger holes and cracks, asphalt repair can drastically decrease the odds of accidents and injuries in your parking lot. This service will:

• Prevent moisture damage with waterproof technology.

• Improve asphalt flexibility so it can hold strong against wear-and-tear.

• Keep your asphalt smoother for longer.

Maintaining your parking lot is a lot more affordable than replacing it. Even if you’ve neglected problem spots in the past, you likely still have time to rescue it.


Signage in your parking lot gives guests a clear set of directions about where and how to park. At Coaters Pavement Services, we take care of the details. With this service, you can:

• Mark traffic directions.

• Designate crosswalks, walkways, handicapped access routes, etc.

• Post your parking lot’s speed limits.

• Identify prohibited and permitted parking sections.

Your parking lot is unlike anyone else’s, which is why it’s so important to show drivers and pedestrians alike how to maneuver it. Signage, striping, and stenciling can go a long way toward safer navigation. 

Parking Lot Striping/Stenciling

Stencils and stripes make it clear how traffic should safely flow in a parking lot. This can help prevent anything from frustration to collisions. This service will:

• Designate handicapped spaces, playgrounds, walkways, directions, etc.

• Use the space as efficiently as possible.

• Parking lots.

• Complies with all ADA requirements.

Even a well-designed parking lot can be stressful for people to navigate. Cut down on the confusion with our pavement marking services. 

Soft Washing

Remove all traces of mold, moss, and pollen using special low-pressure nozzles. This service typically provides longer lasting results than pressure washing, though the right option depends on the contaminants around your property. 

• Quick and easy way to restore your parking lot.

• Helps your asphalt look like new again.

• Eliminates allergens and irritants from your property.

Even when mold and mildew are outside, they can still pose a threat to your customers and to your property values. Soft washing makes the air healthier to breathe and your grounds safer to walk. 

Parking Lot Cleaning

It doesn’t take long for a parking lot to look like a mess. Customers drop things, trash blows over, and natural debris can quickly creep back onto the once-pristine asphalt. All of that is more than just a deterrent for customers, it can pose a theat to their safety too. 

• Remove all trash from the premises 

•  Clear dirt/debris with powerful blowers and vacuums

•  Wash down the asphalt for a superior clean

Plenty of customers don’t need a full steam cleaning, but they will need a general once-over to ensure their lot is looking as good as it can be. 

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