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We believe in working with our clients.


Our mission, rooted in our profound Pavement Maintenance Vision, is to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. Our extensive range of services, from seal coating to crack sealing and asphalt repair, is meticulously designed to improve both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your premises.

This, in turn, positively impacts your bottom line, as well-maintained pavements enhance the overall appeal and safety of your property, attracting more visitors and reducing liability risks.


We help businesses maintain the quality of their exterior structure.


Our vision stems from a robust Pavement Maintenance Vision, aimed at fortifying community bonds through collaborative efforts with our clients.

We envision a community where each pavement reflects high-quality workmanship, enhancing the overall environment and ensuring safety for all. Through our services, we endeavor to bring this vision to life, one project at a time.

20+ years of business

Our Story


"Our story is a testament to our enduring Pavement Maintenance Vision. Our journey began with a singular aim to elevate the standards of pavement maintenance.

Over the years, our team’s expertise has been honed to perfection, reflecting in the precision and meticulous attention to detail we bring to every project. Each success story, each satisfied client, takes us a step closer to our vision of setting a benchmark in pavement maintenance excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence


At Coaters Pavement Services, our Pavement Maintenance Vision is not just a slogan, but a commitment we uphold in every project. Our dedication to excellence is seen in the quality of materials we use, the advanced equipment employed, and the skilled professionals who carry out each task. Through our services, we aim to set a high standard in the pavement maintenance industry, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.